Why I can never get rid of these cups

About a year ago I was setting up for an art show. I had soda and cups for people to enjoy while looking at the art. a few weeks after that I stumbled across the zero waste movement. I was so new to the issue of waste in the world that I was astounded. I was blown away. And I found a new need to be hyper conscious of my spending and consumption. So I went to my house and began evaluating my habits. Then I came to these cups. They are really quite stunning. They have this sleek plastic and white strip that lines the top allowing for the most enjoyable root-beer float experience. But I realized that they are just beautiful pieces of garbage waiting to be disposed. They live to be sacrificed. after a chug from there shiny vessel they are then sent to the no place of empty solo cups. They are either left in heeping alters to spend the rest of their long long life, or they will be burnt and their fumes will travel across the atmosphere. They had no chance in this world to do anything but destroy and be destroyed.


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