The Dark Web

The internet is saturated with image, the black image. The internet exists as the pedagogy of modernity. It is the apparatus by which we confirm truth. As we google our consciousness we check the virtual to confirm the real. The contemporary internet is about branding, virtual identity, and the ubiquity of information. The utopian internet that allows for the free-flowing thoughts of all comes at the cost of black self-ownership. The internet is now a place where the melanin in the thumbs up emoji makes you black. In the age of the meme we experience the cultural readymade in abundance. After the discovery of conceptualism, the medium became dominated by the idea. But in the age of the internet the visual becomes content-less, putting the medium back on top. Information becomes collage, and dada becomes scripture. How can you win against art that’s just about discussion? Are we now slaves sold off as intellectual property?



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